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In the last edition of my blog I talked about what I think is the biggest issue facing Irish society: obesity. I talked about why I think obesity is the biggest issue facing Irish society but there is no point in recognising a problem with finding out why? What are the causes for a growing obesity rate in Ireland and in fact worldwide? In this edition I would like to discuss what I think are the main reasons why our obesity rates are on the rise and as always I encourage my readers to join in the debate and have your say.

So, why is there a growing rate of obesity? Well in my opinion there is no one answer there are a variety of reasons.  I think that one of the biggest reasons is because there has been a shift in the Irish diet over the last numbers, it has gone from consisting of mainly potatoes and vegetables to consisting of various exotic high carb and sugar diets. Instead of having bubble and squeak people are people are eating Mexican and Chinese food. These foods contain lots of trans-fats and saturated fats which contribute to weight gain.

Irish diet has changed over the last couple of decades
Irish diet has changed over the last couple of decades

Another reason why I think the rates of obesity are going through the roof is because people are doing less physical activity in their daily lives this as result means they are burning less calories and gaining more weight. There has been a huge shift from people engaging in labour intensive jobs to office based jobs since the beginning of the 1990s and because people are sitting at a desk all day this means that they are not engaging in physical activity as much as they would if they were working on a building site or on a farm. Also the increase in car sales means that people don’t walk as much as they did when cars were not as widely available. I have actually seen someone I know drive to the shop even though they live in the park right next to the shop. This in my opinion is the height of laziness and it’s these people that I have no sympathy for.couch

I believe that you can also attribute the growing rates in obesity to people having less time to eat decent meals. The world is a big rush and nobody has time to slow down anymore this is demonstrated in the growth of fast food chains they are convenient for people who don’t have time to cook but they are also extremely bad for you and are basically poison in my view and it would also be your view if you have ever watched any of the programmes on TV like supersize me.

There are many more reasons for the rise in obesity too many to fit into a five hundred word blog the list isn’t exhaustive.

In the next edition I will be discussing what I think are the possible solutions to this problem. Until then I look forward to hearing from the readers on any comments or opinions they may have.

Joseph McGrory


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