Blog 4

In the last edition of my blog I discussed some of the solutions to solving the obesity epidemic that has spread throughout Ireland like wildfire over the past two decades. In this edition of my blog I would like to discuss who I think is to blame for this mess and why they are to blame for the situation that Ireland now find themselves in. as always your feedback is welcomed.

Well one of the main players in this argument is the fast food and sweet companies. Fast food and junk food is never off the television. Every time there is an ad break on T.V.  You see McDonalds ad or a Burger king ad or a Coke ad. Junk food is in your face every time you watch TV. So there is no wonder that kids are constantly asking for fast food for dinner because it is in there face constantly. Another reason is because fast food and sweet companies sponsor sporting events. In my view this should not be allowed. It promotes unhealthy eating. You always see McDonalds and Pepsi sponsoring the world cup. I feel this creates an unhealthy connection between the two in the minds of the children. I think just like there is a ban in France on alcohol companies sponsoring sporting events, I fell there should be a similar ban in Ireland with regards fast food and junk food companies sponsoring sporting events.

fast food chains should not sponsor sporting events
fast food chains should not sponsor sporting events

Parents I feel need to take a lot of the responsibility with regards to this problem. They give their children too much power. They feel as though they can’t tell their children No. but this should not be the case they are the adults they should be telling the kids what to do not the other way around. Parents also don’t realise that these types of products like sweets and fast food should be used as a treat and as part of a healthy diet. Children should not be scarfing down a big mc for dinner every day or drinking a bottle of coke every day. I remember when I was young I was allowed one sweet on a Friday and I only ever got fast food when we went to Derry (which was not very often). If you ever watch the TV. Show “the middle” then you will see them eat fast food for dinner every day I feel this is the main reason why obesity rates are so bad because parents are held hostage by their own children and have lost the power to tell their children what they can and can’t have.

children have too power over their parents
children have too power over their parents

The person themselves have to take a lot of the responsibility too though, they have to realise that eating so much bad food is unhealthy and they have to recognise when they have a problem before it is too late. ​the people who are overweight and do nothing about it and let it get worse, people like the half ton teenager and people who are so overweight that they cannot get out of bed deserve no sympathy in my view and can blame no body but themselves.

in the next edition of my blog i would like to discuss what i think the future holds for this country in relation to health and obesity.

Joseph McGrory


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