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In the last edition of my blog I discussed who I think is to blame for the obesity epidemic that has swept the nation over the last two decades or so… in the latest edition I would like to discuss what I think the future holds for Ireland and indeed most countries in the western hemisphere in relation to health and obesity. As always I encourage my readers to have their say in the comments section.

For starters I do not think the future is bright for Ireland in this area. I think that the current generation of kids and teenagers are done for. I think that it is a case of too little too late. Not encourage is being done by the government and by parents to ensure that the children of Ireland are healthy and that they are a healthy weight. The government has been reluctant to engage in this problem in any serious way, they always introduce meaningless “task groups” and pilot groups to come up with ways to combat this problem. But these groups never last and it goes back to the same old way. The government has never tried to tackle this problem with a concerted, co-ordinated strategy in conjunction with the schools, parents, and G.Ps and health experts to come up with solutions that can make a real difference. The government always cites a lack of funds but in my view this is a very short sighted approach because the obesity epidemic will only get worse and be an even heavier burden on the health care system as a result.

HSE cannot cope with the burden of dealing with obesity
HSE cannot cope with the burden of dealing with obesity

I think that the government and society need to write off the current generation and start fresh with the next generation to ensure that this problem does not become normalised. If Ireland wants to return to being a healthy country then we have to bring this problem to the forefront and come up with a long-term strategy to deal with our obesity problem. This includes a co-ordinated effort of education, regulation, revamping the education system to allow for more P.E, and legislation.

I think that parents as well as children need to be better educated on what foods are healthy and what foods are unhealthy they also need to be better educated on maintaining a balanced diet.

people need a balanced diet
people need a balanced diet

Unfortunately I do not believe that this will be case I think that society is happy to sweep this problem under the rug and let the next generation deal with it. As a result I don’t think Ireland’s future is bright in this area. I think that Ireland’s obesity problem will get worse, I think that Ireland will become one of Europe’s and perhaps the world’s fattest countries. I also think that obesity will become the biggest expenditure in the health budget and that the burden will be too much for the HSE and by the time the government realise that there is a major problem on their hands it will be too late.

In the next edition of my blog I would like to discuss another area that I think is a big issue facing Irish society.

Joseph McGrory​


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