two good two bad websites

Two good websites:

The reason why I think that Littlewoods is a good website is that the website keeps to the basics. It does not try over elaborate complicated designs; instead it’s plain and nice to look at. It doesn’t just have boring text but also incorporates pictures onto the main webpage. Also when you are checking out and managing your account it is all very simple, everything is right in front of you. You have all the options in the top right hand corner for example my account, track order, quick order, privacy and cookies, help, sign in  and register it also provides a phone number that you can contact if you have any problems and need assistancelittlewoods

Sports direct is another website that I think is a good website. Again it has a very simple layout. It has lots of colour and is exciting. It has lots of picture to accompany the text and it does not try to hide the prices of its products, they are big and in your face so you know exactly what you are paying for a product and there are no hidden costs. Again the headings are simple they are men’s, ladies, kids, football shirts, accessories, sports, brands and clearance. This makes navigating your way round the website extremely easy and simple.  There is also a search bar at the top of the webpage so you can look up specific product if you have one in mind.sports direct

Two bad websites:

Official Donegal website

The official Donegal website in my opinion is a bad website it is extremely hard to navigate. Speaking from experience it is almost impossible to find the northern board sub section of the website that has all the results and fixtures for the northern board underage competitions. Also the website is very rarely updated so its latest news is always outdated and it very rarely puts up the results from the weekends fixtures in a timely fashion. Also the website is quite boring. There is a lot of text and sponsors on the side with very little to keep the viewer interested.    donegal


In my experience I have found the Ticketmaster website extremely hard to navigate around particularly when you are in a rush which a lot of their customers would be when tickets for big events go on sale. When you have finally found the event you want to go to you then have to search through the dates and venues which don’t seem to have any logical order to find the one you want to go to. When you are checking out or in the queue to get tickets you can’t refresh or it take you back to the beginning in my opinion this is a bad feature of the website as it does not allow for the customer to make a mistake which can quite easily happen. Payment is also an area that I think the website needs improvement; maybe they should look to introduce a one click purchase system like PayPal. Also the main page seems to be quite disjointed and doesn’t seem to have any cohesion to it; it has no logical flow that guides the customer through the process.ticketmaster

 youtube video

The reason why i think this is the most beautiful video is because it is locally made, locally produced video showing the town of Buncrana in Donegal at Christmas. the reason why i think this is the most beautiful video is because it is a local man showing how proud he is of his town and wants to share it with the world. Buncrana is the most beautiful town in Ireland in my opinion and this video shows this


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